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Coach Training is on NOVEMBER 2010!!!

IAG Senior March 2010 Slide show

IAG Dec 2009 Slide show

Domino’s Support School Program & Adam Khoo learning technologies Group (AKLTG) has join hand in hand to make a difference to our Malaysian student.

IAG Aug 2009 Slide show

SK Aug 2009 slide show

-How to be a star pupil and fail - From The Malay Mail

(this write-up is something that is happening in the real world to day.Thats why We Must Always Give OUR 100% what ever we do.)

-Ramesh the Sgp inaugural speech contest Champ

-Adam Khoo was at Utar Pj on the 4th of Nov 2006,

Giving a talk to the students and teachers in Utar.

Dr Ling Leong Sek was there as well and he was happy to see that Adam Khoo took time to come Up to Malaysia and share his knowledge

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