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Coach Training is on NOVEMBER 2010!!!

IAG Senior March 2010 Slide show

IAG Dec 2009 Slide show

Domino’s Support School Program & Adam Khoo learning technologies Group (AKLTG) has join hand in hand to make a difference to our Malaysian student.

IAG Aug 2009 Slide show

SK Aug 2009 slide show

-How to be a star pupil and fail - From The Malay Mail

(this write-up is something that is happening in the real world to day.Thats why We Must Always Give OUR 100% what ever we do.)

-Ramesh the Sgp inaugural speech contest Champ

-Adam Khoo was at Utar Pj on the 4th of Nov 2006,

Giving a talk to the students and teachers in Utar.

Dr Ling Leong Sek was there as well and he was happy to see that Adam Khoo took time to come Up to Malaysia and share his knowledge

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The History of Malaysia Coach

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Akltg 1st camps in Malaysia were August 2004, with all Singapore coaches specially pick to help coach and guide the Malaysia participant.
After going true almost 2years of focus training, Malaysia now has a full Coach team that consist of Camp Graduates.
Malaysian coaching team is now able to handle all AKLTG programs in Malaysia.
With constant meetings being held in our Malaysian office, the Malaysian coaches are able to practice and share more from AKLTG.

Proudly now Malaysian coaches are going to other part of the world, passing on the great values and passion of this Great Program that has inspired so many life’s.

Upcoming Camps Dates & Previews

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We will have our Introductory Workshop for IAG

Dates: 21 May 2011 Saturday
           22 May 2011 Sunday

Time: 3pm - 6.00pm 
Registration starts at 2.30pm

Venue: AKLTG Training Centre,
B-1-12 TTDI Plaza, Jalan Wan Kadir 3,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 KL.


Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang

         15 May 2011 Sunday

Time: 3pm - 6.00pm 
Registration starts at 2.30pm

Venue: Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya

Training for the coming holiday;

Date;21 and 22 May 2011 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time;  9pm  - 8pm
Vanue; AKLTG Training Centre


I Am Gifted, Senior Camp
 (Residential) Klana Resort, Seremban

---2nd to 5th June 2011--- 

I Am Gifted! Penang Workshop (non-Residential) Copthorne Orchid Hotel

---8th to 10th May 2011--- 

I Am Gifted! Junior Workshop (non-Residential) TTDI Plaza.

---29th to 31st May 2011--- 

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After Camp Experiences

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Success Coaching Program / Booster Program

( Re-Vitalize and Enhance Your learning curve with a series of enriching and invigorating hands-on program.)

The focus of SCP is to help us in areas of education, emotional management, life learning and presentation. Where it allows us to explore a variety of approaches and choose the study technique that best suits our style.

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Trainer Profiles

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1-Adam Khoo

Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author and a peak performance trainer. A self-made millionaire by the age of 26 and now a multi-millionaire at the age of 31, he owns and runs 3 different companies with a combined annual turnover of $20 million.

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Malaysia Coach Profiles

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The profiles of our Malaysian coaches that volunteered to help make the camps a success. Learn more about this group of dedicated people.

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Graduates Testimony

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View the Testimonys writen by the Graduats of IAG and SK.

Join This family of Successful People in what ever they do.
Write in your own testimony to webster@akltg.com

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